Nicole and Dustin’s Wedding- Maine

I met with Nichole and Dustin last December to discuss their wedding plans.  They were planning a intimate, relaxed wedding at Dustin’s parents house, complete with marquee, airplane hangers and aircraft, I’m in. Their day finally arrived and it was a glorious sunny september day.  The day started at the hotel with the girls getting ready.  Unfortunately Nichole wasn’t feeling well but she made it to the church on time, and through the ceremony.  After an emotional ceremony, in a cute little church down the road from their house, it was time to party. The party started with a bang, quite literally, the canon looked so small and harmless, but it nearly blew our ears off.  Everybody danced the night away under the starry night. Nichole you were a trooper, hope you are feeling better.  Thanks again Kristen for your hard work! Fun as always.