Hee-Jin and Brian’s Wedding

Well it is finally time for Hee-Jin and Brian’s slideshow.  The gorgeous couple was wed in April at St John’s Korean Church in Lexington, followed by a rocking reception at the DeCordova.  Hee-Jin and Brian opted to do a first look, LOVE when couples do this!!  It gives so much more time for those wall worthy bride and groom shots.  And I personally think the anticipation is heighten.  We set this one up in the lobby of the hotel they were getting ready in, the Westin, Waltham.  Brian was waiting with his back to the elevator and I could almost feel his heart skip a beat every time the elevator “dinged”.  I think Hee-Jin was playing with him a bit. 🙂

Then it was off to the deCordova for bridal party and bride and groom photos.  It was COLD! Kinda of a jackets on until the shot was lined up and ready kinda of day.

It was a beautiful wedding.  Thank you to you and your family for letting me be a part of it.  Hope you had an amazing time in Aruba!