Beginning to face the editing of our trip photos

So as some of your know, Greg and I took on an adventure of a lifetime back in December.  Our plan was to buy a car in Santiago, Chile and drive down to explore Patagonia and then head up to Brazil.  It was quite a journey and not one that went along with our original plan most of the time. But they say it is about the the journey and not the destination. And in spite of broken bones, failed engines and political riots we stuck to our guns and pushed on when the going got tough.

A broken elbow was not going to stop me from capturing this trip, meaning I now have 5 months of photos to sift through.  No doubt this will be a long and slow process.  So I am going to take my time, do country by country and when I have time in between shoots, I will post some of my favs.

So first off here is a little taste of our first few weeks on the road….