Bride and Groom, would you see each other before you say i do???

The times are a changing. People are opting for more unique wedding venues, different styles of dresses, table decor, and a different slant on how to say their “i do’s”.   Wedding photography has to change along side.   Couples still want those romantic, wall worthy, bride and groom photos but they don’t want to miss their wedding day to go off with a photographer to take them. More than ever, brides and grooms are wanting to relax and enjoy spending time with their guests on their special day (and why shouldn’t they?).

There is no more leaving the guests for hours, to entertain themselves, while they go have their photos taken. Enter the “first look” craze. In the last few years, brides and grooms have come up with a win win solution.   They get to spend time with everyone who came to celebrate the day with them AND the have the time to get beautiful wedding photos taken… how? They are foregoing old traditions and they see each other, dun dun dun, before the wedding.  Now this may not be for everyone, and I will put my hands up and say, I did not do this on my wedding day… but looking back I kinda wish I did.  Some will say they want the feeling of seeing their bride for the first time walking down the aisle.  And that is fair enough, but others say this is even better!

I have photographed quite a few of these 1st looks, and they were some of the most emotional and romantic moments I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.  Grooms are able to really let go.  They don’t have lot’s of eyes on them, waiting for their reaction as they see their bride, and therefore their reaction can be that more heartfelt. This was one of my all time favorites.  I couldn’t tell if Adam was going to laugh or cry while he waited for his bride, or both at the same time.  These shots were about 20 secs apart and you can see just how many emotions were rushing through him.  And breathe Adam!…I Just love his anticipation as he could hear Mari getting closer..

It gives the couple a minute to stop and take it all in.  For the groom to look at his beautiful bride, and get a peak at the wedding dress, that the she spent hours choosing for this moment when her man says “wow!”.  I have seen some of the most intense embraces during these moments, it’s when it all becomes real. I like to photograph from afar to let the couple have their moment.  And THEN we do the bride and groom photos.  While that excitement is fresh and the smiles are ear to ear.Love it when the groom checks out his beautiful bride 🙂

And the best part? You still get to walk down the aisle, towards your husband, in front of all your friends and families.  Are you calmer, more excited? Have you done a first look? What were your thoughts or memories?  Or if you are planning a wedding, would you do a “first look?”

ok one more…