Roadtripping around Uruguay

Winter is pretty much the only time I get to go through my personal photos and catch up with my editing. I have ALOT of personal photos waiting patiently to be looked at, with our 6 month Roadtrip around South America bringing that number into the thousands!

I finally made it to my Uruguay group. Uruguay is amazing. Easily one of my favorites places in the world.   In the town of Colonia Del Sacramento I felt like we were stepping back in time.  I really wanted my images convey that old world feel. While I don’t usually add lots of gain to my images, on this occasion I think it adds to the feel.

Cabo Polonio is certainly in a world of its own. The off the map, unspolit, totally self-contained town has no cars, no roads for that matter, no electricity, surrounded by sand dunes, grazing horses, friendly “village” dogs and locals with a hippie flare. It is a slice a heaven. Take me back.

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