Tam and Alex – Deniliquin wedding NSW


“Where there is love there is life”

Tam and Alex had a bit of trouble deciding on the perfect venue for their big day and in the end decided that there is no place like home so chose to have the ceremony on home Turf at Alex’s parent’s farm in Deniliquin, NSW, and I am so glad they did! I always love weddings at home, to me, there is something very peaceful about them. It is like you can feel the comfort of the families and guests being somewhere familiar.  The ceremony was beautiful and so very personal.  Alex’s parents had the lovely surprise of presenting Tamasin and Alex with a plack marking the date of their wedding to nail to the tree that they said their vows under.

Half way through the family cat even came to stand beside the wedding party as if to give his approval.

Alex said he had a few places in mind for photo locations and led us to various places, it was about here that I died and went to photo heaven.  Greg, Andrew (from the wonderful bottlebrush films) and I were pretty speechless, talk about a sensory overload, everywhere looked like it was out of a movie set, it was hard to pick a place to start.  Not only did we have Tam and Alex who were beaming with joy, their fun wedding party, who were up for anything but now we had the most amazing locations.  I have always loved big open spaces, big skies and noone else around. So yeah, this was awesome. From fields to old shearing sheds, to deserted roads and the sun glistening.   As Tam and Alex were wading there way out through the thick field without a care in the world, my fear of snakes was screaming inside my head, “Are you crazy?!”, but the right side of my brain took over and I just wanted to get in there and start shooting.  Tam and Alex, thank you for being awesome! 🙂 We had a fantastic day capturing your wedding! Congratulations again and I hope you are having an amazing time on your honeymoon!  A huge thank you to your families for being so warm and welcoming to us.

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