Katherine and Ian’s Wedding | West Beach Bathers Pavilion, St Kilda

When I met Katherine and Ian to chat about their wedding plans, it was pretty clear that their wedding would be awesome! They were laid back and stress free and that’s how they wanted their wedding to be.  They planned for their ceremony in Fitzroy gardens and when I asked about a rain back up plan, Katherine said “Well we will have a big red double decker bus that is taking us to the reception, we could just get married in that.”  Like I said, stress free! Fortunately it was a beautiful day and they said their vows in front of friends and family in gardens. Their reception was in the Bathers Pavilion in St Kilda and as soon as the guests arrived, the shoes came off and jeans were rolled ready for beach cricket. Playing cricket with a drink in had is no easy task, but these guys were pros! 🙂 Add on pop corn, candy floss, sparklers, strolls along the beach, beautiful sunset and lots of dancing, it was a wedding to remember!  Katherine and Ian, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas back home with the family and round two of wedding celebrations and I will see you in the New Year!

Wedding photos in Fitzroy bar IMG_K&I_024 IMG_K&I_010 Fitzroy gardens wedding ceremony - band standIMG_K&I_084IMG_K&I_075 Fitzroy gardens wedding ceremony - band standIMG_K&I_088IMG_K&I_082     Fitzroy gardens wedding photos - band stand | fotojojo IMG_K&I_096IMG_K&I_101 Wedding ceremony at the band stand in the Fitzroy gardens IMG_K&I_128IMG_K&I_132 Fitzroy gardens wedding natural photos IMG_K&I_136IMG_K&I_152 IMG_K&I_159 Melbourne wedding double decker busIMG_K&I_167 IMG_K&I_175 Bathers beach pavilion wedding photos Bathers beach pavilion wedding photos - st kilda weddingBathers pavilion wedding photos | St Kilda | fotojojo IMG_K&I_228 IMG_K&I_221 IMG_K&I_218Beach games at wedding in St Kilda IMG_K&I_262 IMG_K&I_254IMG_K&I_273 Bathers beach games at the pavilion - st kilda wedding venue IMG_K&I_299 IMG_K&I_295IMG_K&I_326  IMG_K&I_329Bathers Pavilion Wedding photosIMG_K&I_351IMG_K&I_403Bathers Pavilion Wedding photos - st KildaIMG_K&I_408 St Kilda wedding photos - Bathers IMG_K&I_420 IMG_K&I_419St Kilda Wedding venue - Bathers Beach pavilion wedding photosSt Kilda wedding photos - Bathers IMG_K&I_488 IMG_K&I_496 IMG_K&I_491IMG_K&I_470IMG_K&I_505 IMG_K&I_533 IMG_K&I_526 IMG_K&I_522 copy