Clara and Damian | Hyatt Melbourne Wedding

Clara and Damian not only run a business at home together but they are best friends and now husband and wife. They got married at the beautiful Scots Church on Collins st and had their much loved french bulldog, Meatloaf, along to oversee the wedding ceremony. He greeted the guests and sat  patiently at the back of the church while his peeps said their I Do’s.   After the ceremony we wandered along Collins st and over to the treasury gardens for some photos before returning to the Hyatt for a tea ceremony followed by cocktails and celebrations.  The room looked beautiful.  I am such a fan of little details, and Clara and Damian certainly didn’t overlook anything. From a wedding logo, to a gorgeous guest book made from a 100 year old antique french novel. Everything was stunning! There were all the makings of a good time, close family and friends, food, wine, speeches, embarrassing slideshows, t-shirts, and dancing. I hope you had an amazing time dancing the night away. Congratulations again!

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