David and Jasmine | Footscray art centre wedding

An Irish and an Aussie, met, fell in love and had a beautiful wedding….  I hadn’t met Dave and Jas until their wedding day and instantly felt just how warm and welcoming they are. When Jas arrived by boat to the ceremony with her friends and family, she was beaming. Her smile said it all. And Dave was smiling right back at her. It is moments like this that I just love to photograph.  Moments that you know are special, that warm your heart and you are just thankful to be there and witness it.

Their ceremony and reception was held at the Footscray community art centre and the band Zeptepi filled the amphitheatre with amazing music as Jas walked down the aisle. She looked amazing in her mum’s altered wedding dress and a brooch that her grandmother wore on her wedding day.

Dave’s family had flown in from Ireland to be with Dave and Jas and the two families joined seamlessly.  There was a whole lot of love in the room. Dave and Jas, thank you for having me there to capture these moments. I hope you continue to explore and travel the world together and to keep smiling at each other the way you did on your wedding day.  Congratulations!!!

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