James and Rhianna | Geelong Wedding Photos

There is so much to say about this wedding, but at the same time I am struggling find the words to do it justice. Leading up to Rhianna and James’s wedding and hearing their plans and ideas, I was excited for the day to finally come, but it was above and beyond my expectations. Rhianna and James transformed their beautiful house, (I fell in love with everything in their home, oh so beautifully styled) and garden into the most perfect romantic wedding venue. With an aisle built over the pool, hanging swings made for the signing,  festoon lighting, a dancefloor under the marque, lots of personal touches and beautiful flowers by She’s A Wildflower, it was simply stunning.  I was blown away by the thought and detail that went into everything.  Rhianna and James, are clearly meant to be together and the love they have for each other is very obvious to anyone who is around them.  Along with Rhianna’s daughter Mia, they are a true family.  It was a wedding that I won’t forget and Greg and I were just delighted to be a part of.

Congratulations to the wonderful couple! Thank you for having us there and as always thanks again to my hubby Greg for second shooting with me.

To see this wedding in full glory and Rhianna and James cutting up the dance floor, sit back and watch the video…

Thanks to the following vendors:

Cake – Ladybird Cakes

Celebrant – Belinda McPherson

DG – DJ Rod

Florist  – She’s A Wildflower,

James&Rhianna005 James&Rhianna020 James&Rhianna019 James&Rhianna014

James&Rhianna045_1 James&Rhianna063
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James&Rhianna22713 James&Rhianna307 James&Rhianna291
James&Rhianna343James&Rhianna361James&Rhianna366 James&Rhianna368 James&Rhianna367
James&Rhianna377James&Rhianna385 James&Rhianna390 James&Rhianna401
James&Rhianna403James&Rhianna419 James&Rhianna416
James&Rhianna413James&Rhianna440James&Rhianna446James&Rhianna460 James&Rhianna465

James&Rhianna477 rhianna084 James&Rhianna478James&Rhianna483

James&Rhianna518James&Rhianna519 James&Rhianna549 James&Rhianna548 James&Rhianna543 James&Rhianna539 James&Rhianna532 copy James&Rhianna527 James&Rhianna524 James&Rhianna520
James&Rhianna557 copy_James&Rhianna570
James&Rhianna572 James&Rhianna577

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James&Rhianna632 copy James&Rhianna630
James&Rhianna634James&Rhianna635 copy James&Rhianna647
James&Rhianna669 James&Rhianna675 James&Rhianna687 copy James&Rhianna689James&Rhianna697 copy

James&Rhianna658 James&Rhianna663

Thanks to the following vendors:

Cake – Ladybird Cakes

Celebrant – Belinda McPherson

DG – DJ Rod

Florist –She’s A Wildflower

Hairdresser – Momu Hair

Harpis – Harp Love Sasha

Lighting – Nomad Styling 

Make Up – Alysia’s Beauty