Alessia and Vince | Crown Casino Melbourne Wedding

I love arriving the morning of the wedding to a house full of enthusiasm and excitement. When we arrived at both Vince and Alessia’s houses the morning of the wedding, the Italian music was bumping, drinks were flowing and there were smiles all round. Within seconds, I could feel the buzz of their wedding day and I was so excited to start shooting.  Alessia was glowing and smiling and laughing, it was infectious. Once she had slipped into her stunning gown we made our way to the Immaculate Conception Church in Hawthorn.  The ceremony was emotional, I always love photographing the grooms reaction, and you could tell Vince had a lump in this throat as Alessia and her dad walked down the aisle.   After the ceremony we headed to various locations around the city with their lively wedding party, to the Carlton Gardens, the treasury building and gardens, before arriving at the Crown Casino for the reception.  After some heartfelt speeches, the dance floor came alive with activity as everyone danced the night away. Alessia and Vince, what an amazing wedding, it was a pleasure to have been there to capture your day.  Congratulations again and Best Wishes!!

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Hawthorn wedding photos | fotojojo Alessia&Vince_535 Alessia&Vince_532 Alessia&Vince_519
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