Lauren and Ed | Hare and Grace Melbourne Wedding

I am thrilled to bring you Lauren and Ed’s wedding day.  They got married on a beautiful sunny Autumn day at Melbourne’s Stunning St Patricks Cathedral.  We headed to the nearby Fitzroy gardens with their wedding party to take some photos and lap up the sunshine. It amazes me how every time I go to the Fitzroy Gardens we find awesome new spots and backdrops to photograph.  Being photographed is always a little daunting but Lauren and Ed were so at ease with each other that I was able to just let them enjoy the moment of being newly weds and snap away.  We stopped by Hosier lane for some quick laneway graffiti photos before heading to the Hare and Grace for their cocktail reception. What a gorgeous restaurant and venue for a wedding reception!! The branches hanging from the ceilings and fairy lights created a rustic romantic feel. Just beautiful! Lauren and Ed, I hope you had an amazing time in WA on your honeymoon. Congratulations again and enjoy reliving your wedding day….

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