Carol and Ben | Noojee Wedding

I was so excited to shoot Carol and Ben’s wedding, for many reasons. Firstly I love photographing anywhere new, even more so when we are in gorgeous landscapes. My adrenaline seems to pumps a little more and time just fades away.  I had never been to Noojee before, it is stunning and I could have easily photographed Ben and Carol there all day. They were so fun and easy going! Another reason I was looking forward to this day is when I met Carol to chat about their wedding day, we instantly clicked and could have chatted for hours.  She told me how Ben was planning on singing and playing the guitar as she walked down the aisle. And come the wedding day, it was one of the most romantic things I have witnessed.  As Ben stood at the top of the aisle singing, with his son standing by his side, Carol’s mum wiped away Carol’s tears. After their heartwarming wedding ceremony, we headed down to the river below Noojee pub for a few photos, before driving to the Noojee trestle bridge.  Ben had his guitar in hand and serenaded Carol along the way, he is so talented!! Would be nice to have music to photograph to all the time.  Carol was a game for anything, climbing the steep muddy steps to the top of the bridge in her heals without a second thought. I love that!

Ben and Carol, It was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day, I hope you both a a wonderful rest of the night with your family and friends. Congratulations again! xo

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