Jessica and Caleb | couple/trash the dress shoot

This entire shoot is like a little slice of heaven. Jess contacted me a few months ago to do a couples shoot/trash the dress with her husband Caleb. They have been married for 6 years and at the time of their wedding they had more important priorities and couldn’t spend too much on their wedding photography. Unfortunately they weren’t thrilled with their wedding photos. Which is so disappointing, so I was eager to capture photos of them that they would want to hang on their wall and that captured the love and bond between them. Three kiddies later they took this Saturday afternoon for just the two of them for a couples shoot.  Everything was perfect! Like seriously picture perfect, I couldn’t have asked for nature to step up any more than it did. We had somewhat of a warm breeze, for May anyway, blue waters, soft overcast clouds, that let warm beams of light though every now and then and as the sun set the sky turned stormy and moody but with the sun streaming though lighting the cliffs. It looked fake. Like something straight out of a movie set.  Jess and Caleb are such a sweet couple who are very obviously still very much in love.  Talk about easy to photograph. They just had to look at each other for it to be a beautiful photo. When they said they said they were up for going into the water and getting a little wet, it quickly became a shoot one of my favourite shoots. I loved every second of it. Thank you Caleb and Jess for being so fantastic and such good sports.  It is a afternoon that I will remember for a long time.

And a thanks to my hubby Greg for being my pack horse and helping me up and over the cliffs. 🙂


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