My Story

Born and bred in Northern Ireland, I always had a fascination for photography.  I soon flew the nest to study graphic design in Scotland.  I always tried to sneak photography into each project in some way and it soon became clear to me that that is where my passion truly was.  Photography was no longer a hobby, it was my dream.

So after earning my Bachelor of design, I went back to university to study photography and immersed myself in the darkroom, loving every minute of it.

I then took the opportunity to travel the world for one year, to step outside my comfort zone with camera in hand.  From South America to South East Asia, from deserts to rain-forests.  Traveling off the beaten path and enduring every transport known to man, trains, buses, boats, scooters, tuk-tuks, and elephants,  I had the great privilege of surreal moments and beautiful people presenting themselves in front of my lens, and it became natural to me to document these moments in a photojournalist way – real people, real situations and real emotions. Over the course of the year I seemed to have developed a 6th sense for timing and precisely when to click that shutter. I had found my calling.

And there you have it, that is what molded the way I shoot, add a wedding into the equation and that is my perfect job. After falling in love with an American and relocating to Boston, I spent the next 3 years photographing weddings from Boston to Florida and taking personal photos whenever I could find the time.

My graphic eye allows me to push the boundaries and take a different approach to composition, to tell an entire story in just one image, and to know when less is more and when it’s not, all the while still remaining as unobtrusive as possible.   Every wedding is so unique and each couple has a different love story to tell so it is so important to me that I let those relationships and emotions shine naturally through the lens, without my interference.

Having recently gotten married myself and had the “shoe on the other foot”, being in front of the camera instead of behind it for a change, gave me an invaluable insight of the wedding day from another perspective and has positively impacted the way I shoot today.

​I have recently moved to Australia, and am excited to embark on the next stage of my career in Melbourne.

I consider myself very lucky, I truly love what I do.

I am now a proud member of WPJA | Wedding Photojournalism Association and Artistic Guild Of The Wedding Photojournalist Association 

And the AIPP | Australian Institute Professional Photographers Square_White_Date_TAGLINE-IN_Sm



Choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal thing.  This is someone who you are going to be spending part of your wedding day with, someone who is going to see you go through the emotions, be in your home, and interact with your family.  I feel it is only right that you know who I am behind the camera…