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Exciting news…

I am so excited to share some news with you all. As I sit here in my office which is slowly becoming more and more surrounded with teeny tiny cute clothes and baby things,… Continue reading

Roadtripping around Uruguay

Winter is pretty much the only time I get to go through my personal photos and catch up with my editing. I have ALOT of personal photos waiting patiently to be looked at,… Continue reading

Freezing motion, water droplets, water balloons, food dye and one fearless model

While wedding season is quiet, I have been having some fun getting creative with some studio lighting and bursting of water balloons. I wish our eyes could freeze motion like the camera can!

Melbourne Laneway shoot

I love cities at night, everything looks different. The streets are quiet (it was a weeknight), the laneways are eery, the graffiti takes on a different life, and you begin to notice things… Continue reading

When neighbours become friends…

  Good neighbours are hard to find, today ours made the move to start a new venture in Sydney. 😦 We will miss them and so will Lebowski. They became good buddies over… Continue reading

Lebowski working hard editing today – I guess I will take the dogbed then?

My big brother tied the knot :-) – Queenstown Wedding

Wedding photographer going to a wedding without a camera in hand is just too strange. For the first time in over 11 years, my brother and I are finally back to living in… Continue reading

the JoJo behind the foto

Choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal thing.  This is someone who you are going to be spending part of your wedding day with, someone who is going to see you go… Continue reading

Chiloe, Chile

Just a couple of pics from our few days in Chiloe. 

Beginning to face the editing of our trip photos

So as some of your know, Greg and I took on an adventure of a lifetime back in December.  Our plan was to buy a car in Santiago, Chile and drive down to… Continue reading