Room to Grow Charity Gala – Boston

A few months ago I was asked to photograph 3 families that are part of Room to Grow.  Room to Grow is a fantastic organization run by a team including Uma Thurman and various Boston red sox team members, that assists low income families with parenting support and guidance during the crucial first few years of their bundle of joys’ life. I was even more delighted when I was asked to be the event photographer at the upcoming gala.  After months of hard work from the room to grow team, the big event was finally here.  The gala was held at Cyclorama in the South end, downtown Boston.  The team did a fabulous job at creating an amazing ambiance and had displayed my photos very thoughtfully.  I was so excited to see them up on all the walls.  It is always great to see your photos printed to life size! The wafts of delicious food from the demonstrations by renowned Boston chefs, was mouth watering.  They had a huge amount of impressive silent auction items and the live auction would prove to top it.   It was a fantastic night and a significant amount was raised.  I can’t say it enough how beneficial and worthwhile this organization is and it is heartwarming to see first hand how Room to Grow has helped so many families.  It was my pleasure to lend a small helping hand in a much larger picture.